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Pro Studio Three Light 600W/S Strobe Lighting Kit  PBL

Pro Studio Three Light 600W/S Strobe Lighting Kit  PBL
Pro Studio Three Light 600W/S Strobe Lighting Kit  PBL
Pro Studio Three Light 600W/S Strobe Lighting Kit  PBL

Pro Studio Three Light 600W/S Strobe Lighting Kit PBL

Price: $399.95
Retail: $569.95
You Save: $170.00 (30%)
Detailed Description


This is a brand new PBL all metal case variable output three light professional strobe kit from PBL. The SL200 Studio Strobes in this kit  were designed for durability and ease of use.  Like more expensive studio strobes, these lights come with an all metal casing and at 200 w/s variable output each, these light heads can be used for intimate portraiture or product photography, as well as lighting up larger subjects or parties.  Perfect for an amateur yet powerful and durable enough for a professional. Because these are mono-lights, there is no need for  external power blocks or controllers. These units will plug into any standard household 110 volt  outlet and can be triggered by attaching the included radio trigger.  This will trigger the main flash and the fill flash will slave to it, or all three lights can be used as a slaves  and triggered by another flash, like the pop-up one on your camera.

Do not let the price on this light kit fool you.  This is a professional grade light kit.

We have included with this light kit three new professional 30in x 30in softboxes  that will give you the kind of soft light prized by photographers.  These softbox will create a flattering wrap around light that  soften the imperfections of your subjects, making them less perceptible. This truly will create magic in your images. 

We've also included in this kit a professional compact support system and a set of two of our most popular solid color backgrounds, black and white.  These colors are favored by photographers because the match with all colors  so there will never be a problem with what your subject is wearing and the background.

This light is compatible with all cameras including Sony, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Leica.


3... PBL SL200 Professional Studio Strobe monolight 200 w/s variable output strobe from 50w/s to 600 w/s total (2808)


3... Pro 30in x 30in Softboxes (1130)


3... PBL Heavy duty light stands 8ft


1... Compact Background Support with 9ft crossbar(5320-1)


1... 6ft x 9ft Black Muslin Background


1... 6ft x 9ft White Muslin Background


1... Radio Trigger 16 channel (7183)


1... 32in Round Gold/Silver Reflector


1... PBL Carry Bag (9114)

*This is a new light that includes all bulbs and cords.
All of the products in our web store come with up to a 1 year factory warranty (excluding bulbs) and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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